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Custom Embroidered Apparel That Will Have People Hooked!


High quality embroidery done through our partner company - Bearded Dog Embroidery. They are a local Colorado company that puts out amazing work, that will definitely make your brand stand out! We will need to digitize your logo or image first, in order to find out the stitch count. Unless you already have a digitized logo. They can do anything from hats & beanies, to patches, shirts, jackets, bags, luggage, etc. Pretty much anything you could ever want your logo put on, they can probably do it!

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Print Placement:

Print placement for your logo is a bit more limited when it comes to embroidery.

Left or Right Chest, Full Front, Top Center Back, Center Back, Full Back, Sleeve, Pant Leg, etc.

Hat Design:

Hats have a limited surface aread to embroideron depending on the style of hat. (Low Profile, High Crown, Mid or High Profile, Flatbill, etc.)

Designs are typically between: 1.75"- 3" tall

Low Profile & Unstructured Hats: MAXIMUM 2" tall

Designs MUST be NO larger than 5"w x 3"t 10 - 12pt font, lines must be at least 1pt thick. Fonts need to be clear, thick and legible.

We can also embroider up to 270 degrees around a hat for side facing logos.

3-D or Puff Embroidery:

Yes, we offer this! What is 3-D or Puff?

It's a technique of incorporating a unique embroidery foam into your design, which makes the design dramatically stand up or PUFF. Only certain designs can be turned into a puff embroidery though. So chat with us, if this is something you are looking into!

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