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Our Services:

Heat Transfers

Custom Screen Printed apparel that will set your brand apart!

We specialize in a few different forms of screen printing, and can guide you through making the right decision for your project! We also can supply you with any garment you could ever want to put your artwork onto from all of the leading manufacturers. Choosing the right garment can get overwhelming, so we can help with making that decision too!

Our biggest focus is the quality in our prints, and we are always striving to be better!  Our second goals are efficiency and reliability. We want you to always come to us, because you like the love we put in to your apparel!

Print Placement:

We can do just about any placement for your logo:

Left or Right Chest, Full Front, Top Center Back, Center Back, Full Back, Sleeve, Right or Left Hip, Lower Back, Pant Leg, etc.

We Screen Print on Hats Too!

We can print on any foam trucker hat, 5 panel hat, visor, or hat band. This is a cheaper option in comparison to embroidery, and allows for more finer details. Great idea for sports teams, souvenir shops, promotional items, street wear, and summer caps!

Designs MUST be NO larger than 5"w x 2.5"t for foam trucker hats, 10 - 12pt font, lines must be at least 1pt thick. 

For all other 5 panel hats, etc. size the design accordingly to the cap. (We can help with this)

Color Options:

At this moment we are only able to do up to 4 color prints, due to the size of our presses.  But we are looking into expansion to an 8 color screen printing press!  =]  We will keep you posted on this!

Ink Pantone Color Matching:  

We stock over 30 standard ink colors to choose from for your next project! If you need an exact Pantone color match to keep your brand consistent, we can custom mix any Pantone color free of charge just for you!! All we need to know is the Pantone code you would like us to mix.



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Mon - Fri: 9am - 10pm

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Ft. Collins, CO 80526

Thanks for choosing us!!

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